Friday, April 17, 2009 Y 7:10 PM

-brand new!!
-never use & wear it.. juz for trying purpose
- reason let it go : quite loose to me... huhu
- bought it rm20
-for you, rm18
-measurement :75cm
-colour: dark brown

Thursday, April 9, 2009 Y 7:17 AM

hello my dear shopingholics....

saya baru sahaja mengemaskini blogshop neh.. huhuhu... sebenarnya, ad lagi gambar2 yang hendak diupload.. tapi sekarang neh saya teramat la busy.. juz ini jew dpt di-upload tambah plak lappy wat hal rinie... grrr... xpe2... huhuhu... to ma dear shopaholics.. please help me to clean up my wardrobe.. tee-heee.... till here.. tata... :))

Y 6:39 AM

-white dress
- size 42
- let go this dress b'coz its toooo big to me.. huhuhu...
- wear once
- yours at rm22

-blue long shirt
-description (summer, smile, happy, come on)
- rarely wear this shirt
- rm15 only (bought at rm25)

close up
-brownish radioactive
-size XL (but prefer to size S and small M)
- rarely wear this shirt
- bought it at rm69.90 but yours at rm25

Sunday, March 29, 2009 Y 7:50 AM


-radioactive sling bag
-adjustable strap
-bought it at rm49.99
- for you, rm 25
-in good condition
-very big even ur lappy can fit in..
close up

Y 7:45 AM

-whitey sandal
-size 7
-worn once
-bought it at rm20

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Y 7:15 AM

>close up<

-blue black long skirt
-never worn
- free size

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Y 7:09 AM

-3/4 black shirt
-v-uson brandsize L (state on shirt)
-best in size m
-rm 15
-superberb condition

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